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Who are the 2022 Top Writers on Quora?
I was surprised and pleased to make the Top Writer’s list given the nature of my contributions to Quora. When I read through the Who’s Who of Quora’s Top Writers, I always feel just a little out of place.As the self-styled Sage of Comics, the Answer-Man, I write well-researched articles on comics, media, science, history, a bit of politics and when no one is looking, the Cat Sage may manifest to help people and their pets get along better.When I see how many doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, social theorists, media analysts, cognitive scientists, computer programmers, crypto-currency specialists and degreed individuals, a panoply of amazing individuals from every walk of life and from every corner of the world, I often wonder if there is a place for someone of my modest writing background. Impostor Syndrome is real!But I bow before the Top Writer’s team and Quora’s mysterious algorithm which determines who gets to show up here. I thank you for the honor. And I do consider it an honor.I am always amazed at the number of answers many writers have on Quora, as I have after four years, just reached 658. I feel like a slacker by comparison. I just don’t seem to have the capacity for concise answers.I think it has to do with the type of answers I write.Comics are my specialty because I don’t have to justify my answers. I can write how I feel about a topic, include relevant graphic images, reference the appropriate comics and include any pertinent information and then move on. Yes, people do challenge my answers from time to time, but it’s usually good natured and I try not to take it personally.Questions like:How did Thomas Wayne from The Flashpoint Paradox have time to train to become Batman when he started late? (The research was half the fun.)If an Infinity Gem was in a windowless, door-less, indestructible sealed room, how would it escape in under a Planck second? (Having written at least 14 essays on the Infinity Gems, it was inevitable the locked room scenario would eventually cross paths. I hate those questions, but I took the challenge. I couldn’t help myself)Where does Clark Kent go to change into Superman nowadays, since most public payphones have been recalled? (Because sometimes, you just want to know the answer to a question so strange, the only way to get it, is to write it yourself.)My answers have become a kind of meditation. I strive to be a better fiction writer but when I am stuck creatively, Quora lets me answer questions which may break the log jam in my creative flow. Each answer becomes a work of art, slow, laborious and time consuming. But I refuse to rush them.One of the things I enjoy most about Quora is the fact I don’t have to engage in arguments which end in violations of the behavior codes. I used to get upset with the articles about race on Quora but decided if I couldn’t bring something of value to them, the best thing to do was leave them alone. They made me upset and I didn’t want to lose this fertile writing field. Now I engage such questions only when I feel strong enough.Examples include:Is it okay if an alt-right person loses their job after they've been publicly shamed for their alt-right views? (A complicated piece. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence.)Is it racist to think of a black person when you hear “person of color” even though Latinos are the largest minority group in the U.S.? (A seeming troll question at first glance…am I right?)The comic crowd is friendly and relatively peaceful making it a stress free experience. I have noticed a change in the climate as newer writers bring a more contentious tone, complete with charts and calculations from ComicVine and Reddit, so I wonder how much longer this peace will last.My articles from Quora have been re-purposed or sourced in my own column on Facebook called Comic Lore, Vox Media’s Polygon.com, Medium’s Panel & Frame, geek radio’s KryptonRadio.com, the Good Men Project, Huffington Post, Gizmodo and on Adult Swim.Questions such as:Why is it socially OK for women to ask their husbands to insert chores here, while a man can’t ask for a sandwich without coming across as sexist? (Yes, it was a whiny question, but I think I aced the answer.)I have a one year old son. How can I make him a genius? (Stepping outside of comics, because I have an autistic son, I thought it would be helpful for other parents to consider the question and I though I could add to it in a meaningful way.)In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2022), why does Ego kill Meredith Quill? (Don’t let that smooth face fool you, Ego is a murderous bastard.)I have been working as a freelance writer for the last few years and Quora has boosted both my confidence and my facility as a writer. I have also begun a Patreon and have been experiencing a bit of success on the commercial writing front. I can’t pay all my bills from writing but I am managing to get contracts and pay some bills every month with my writing work.Krypton Radio even gave me a shout out on their blog:“The Answer Man” Thaddeus Howze Wins 2022 Quora Top Writer Award.Last year, I made an effort to write about a few things outside of comics and they were well received. I appreciate anyone who took the time to read and upvote them accordingly.Some of my other favorite pieces from 2022 were:My cat got out and spent 5 hours in freezing weather. Now he has slept inside all day. Could he be sick? (the Cat Sage is the most fun I have on Quora.)What do I need to watch before seeing Alien: Covenant? (Paint your house, instead…)A man who suffered from polio in the 50s still uses the "iron lung" machine. Why does he? Wouldn't modern respirators do the job much better? (A pure research piece which broke my heart when I learned the history of the “iron lung” machine and the polio epidemic before the vaccine.)Does Marvel have a heroine like DC's Wonder Woman? If they don't, why didn't they create one? (After Wonder Woman came out, people kept asking me why Marvel didn’t have a character like Wonder Woman• My response: I didn’t know they needed one. But there was, as with so many things in comics, a whole lot more to the answer.)I can already tell you my favorite piece from 2022 is going to be:What excites you the most about the Black Panther (2022) movie? (Wakanda, Forever!)There are lots of others, but I just wanted to share the ones I thought were the most fun to write and the most interesting, in my opinion, to read. I know this ran long but I rarely write about myself on Quora, so I beg your indulgence.Congratulations to all Top Writers for 2022. Keep up the great work.
What are some creative ways to show affection to family and friends?
The way I show affection for many family members is to make them something with my own hands. It might be a sewing project, a quilt, something I knitted for them, a painting, hand-made soaps or candles, stringing beads or making earrings, a special blend of essential oils for their skin - something they can’t go to a store and buy. What makes it really special is that I consider their taste and interests to help me determine the best gift. Sometimes just a plant that I grew in my garden works great. One Xmas I gave everyone a winter car kit. It had a fleece blanket, full water bottles, candles, energy bars, jumper cables, lighters….anything that would help out if they got stuck in the snow or on the highway in the winter.You could treat the girls to a manicure or pedicure at a local salon and give the guys gift certificates to movie theatres.The best things show that you have them, in particular, in mind and considered what each person would really like. Next time you’re around any of them, just sit back and observe what they are doing and how they do things. See if you can think of a small way that would make their life easier by observing what is challenging for them.You could think about something they would benefit from learning how to do, or do better. Pay for cooking classes, a day or two with a personal trainer, sign them up for an online class or offer to show them how you do something - any talent or skill you have - offer to share your expertise with them. This works great for hobbies, art or crafts. Maybe you could pra few beginner music lessons on the piano or guitar.Maybe someone needs help with homework, or a resume• for a job or some professional business advice on how to start up a home based business. Think about what you’ve done and how by sharing that will help someone else.If you don’t want to spend money, you could offer to baby-sit on a weekend night, clean house for them one day, come over and cook for them and then do the dishes before you leave, spend an afternoon cleaning up weeds and mowing the lawn…., anything that would relieve them of one chore for just a day is a huge help.If you’re really stuck, give them a gift certificate that entitles them to _____________ and let them fill in the space with what they really want. I think you can even find these gift certificate forms online and print them up with your own idea or leave it blank. If they are reluctant to fill in the blank, give them a list of things to choose from. Sometimes giving them exactly what they would appreciate is better than trying to surprise them with something that wasn’t quite what they would prefer.This was a great question………it’s such a pleasure to write about how to spread a little love around!
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